conference for code and design

Freiheizhalle Munich

Sat. 15th October 2011



Vancouver (Canada) & Berlin (Germany)

eBoy was founded in 1997 by Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital with the acquisition of the domain. The basic idea driving eBoy was to have fun -- and use the new digital tools and the new media. The decision to directly work on, and for the screen led to the use of pixels. A modular based work system started to evolve and resulted in complex object rich artwork. eBoy is lucky to have worked with some of the finest clients and partners. Among them are Adidas, Coca Cola, DKNY, Google, Kidrobot, MTV, Nike, Pepsi, Paul Smith, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Yahoo! and many many more...

Fluid Forms / Stephen Williams

Graz (Austria)

Stephen Williams trained as a programmer and a designer. He has been combining the two disciplines since 2002. In 2005 he cofounded Fluid Forms, a company that draws consumers into the design process. Users can enter the name of a special place and have its topography milled out or wood or cast in silver or gold. Fluid Forms also transforms the street networks of your favorite city into a wall clock by laser-cutting acrylic glass or earrings photo-etched out of stainless steal. Stephen’s main focus is on increasing emotional engagement with objects through the inherent advantages of code.

Prof. Herbert W. Franke

Munich (Germany)

Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke studied Physics, Mathmatics, Chemistry, Psychology and Philosophy in Vienna, Austria. He is internationally known as pioneer of computational art and contributed to the aesthetics from a perceptional and informational theory perspective.
Furthermore he deals with future studies and is one of the most profiled german speaking science fiction authors. With over 40 professional books as well as award winning utopian novels and short stories, Herbert W. Franke became lectureships from the University of Munich and the Academy of Arts and is a co-founder of the Ars Electronica in Linz.


Vienna (Austria)

The austrian artist LIA has been active since 1995 in the field of Software Art. Her work includes visual design, web art, live visualisation of music, videos, installations and fine art prints. During this time LIA has taught as an invited teacher at institutions including the Fachhochschule Joanneum Graz (Austria), the University for Applied Arts Vienna (Austria), the École Cantonalle d’Art de Lausanne (Schweiz), the Fine Arts University Oslo (Norway) and the Faculdade de Belas Artes - Universidade do Porto (Portugal).

Kate Hartman

Toronto (Canada)

Kate Hartman is an artist, technologist, and educator whose work spans the fields of physical computing, wearable electronics, and conceptual art. She is the co-creator of Botanicalls, a system that lets thirsty plants place phone calls for human help, and the Lilypad XBee, a sewable radio transceiver that enables your clothing to communicate. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured by the New York Times, BBC, CBC, NPR, in books such as “Fashionable Technology” and “Art Science Now”. She was recently a speaker at TED 2011 and her work is currently on view in the “Talk to Me” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Hartman is based in Toronto where she is the Assistant Professor of Wearable & Mobile Technology in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University.

Jer Thorp aka blprnt

New York (USA)

Jer is a generative software artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in New York. A former geneticist, his work explores the boundaries between science, mathematics, and art using custom-written computer programs. Thorp is currently Data Artist-in-Residence at The New York Times, Visiting Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) of NYU, and a contributing editor for Wired UK. His award-winning software-based work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.